Moscow Kremlin Armory

Trevi armory exclusively represents exclusive Armory Purveyor to Moscow Kremlin in USA, Canada and South America

Art creations of decorated arms, interior and religious objects offered by Trevi Armory is skillfully crafted in the finest traditions of the famous Russian steel engravers. Trevi Armory collection has variety of long blade, double – edged arms, hunting knives and daggers, swords, sword-and-dagger, church utensils, writing instruments, paper knives, plates, trophies, and vases, wine goblets, hunting gear, walking sticks, golf clubs, plates, trays, cups, vases, wine and hunting sets, chess sets made of semi-precious stones, stone curved pictures. Our products received diploma for «Faithfulness to the Traditions of Russian Blades» and the studio is a permanent participant of Russian and international art and weapons exhibitions.

All products are custom designed and manufactured per special order. Trevi Armory Art Workshop is proud to have the largest European museums, government agencies, army and navy highest level commanders, private collectors, large international banks and multinational corporations around the world as its customers.

Special place in our collection belong to collectible original series and limited edition of Kalashnikov Arms dedicated to the oldest and world wide recognized arm designer and engineer General Mikhail Kalashnikov. Trevi Armory Art Workshop was honored by worldwide renowned designer of small arms/machine guns, General Mikhail Kalashnikov who granted to the workshop team exclusive right to produce a series of collectible long blade arms under the name «Kalashnikov Series». The original Kalashnikov Series consists of 5 sets of hand crafted weapons, each dedicated to one of the most famous variety of small arms: AK-47, AK-74, AKS74-U, the PKK and the PC.

Each set consists of 5 categories of products, sharing common ornamentation and jewelry artifacts - bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamonds. The entire collection consists of 25 weapons. Each set comes with original signature of General Kalashnikov and passport of authenticity.

Technologies used in workshop to manufacture long blade weapons based on the use of famous Russian stainless steel with properties of Damascus steel with unprecedented hardness, strength, flexibility and durability. Much use is made of Damask swords made in the studio’s own forge. Our masters developed and patented secret hot-forged steelmaking techniques resulting in patterned surfaces and are sold as Damascus steel.

Materials we use for decoration include brass, bronze, mammoth tusks, deer and elk antlers, valuable woods, leather and rare stones. Precious metals, precious and semi precious stones are used for the more exquisite orders.

This kind of decorative art emerged in Russia as an outcome of establishing an arm factory specializing in edged weapons manufacturing at the beginning of the XIX century to sustain country’s needs in Napoleon War. To establish high standards and quality of products, German experts from Solingen and Klingenthal were invited, among whom was the well-known artist of decorated blades - William Shaf with his sons. He decorated the first Russian t blades. At the same time, a new dynasty of Russian artists has emerged. They not only used Shaf’s figure drawing techniques on metal, but also significantly exceeded the German masters in quality and artistic expression. Blades were richly decorated with ornaments and fittings of the old weapons, military equipment and musical instruments. Most themes used for weaponry decoration were created through exploration of mythological, fairytale, hunting and battle scenes. The colors used were: yellow - gold, white - polished steel, silver, nickel, and various shades of blue.

The Russian decorative armory