Mikhail Kalashnikov Mikhail Kalashnikov is inventor and designer of the world's best assault rifle. He was the first in the world to develop and manufacture an operational line of small unified automatic weapons, based on the identical automatic action, design and operating principle.

Mikhail Kalashnikov was born on November 10, 1919, in the village of Kurya in Siberia. He was the seventeenth child of Timofey and Alexandra Kalashnikov. After graduating the 9th grade of a secondary school, Kalashnikov went to work in the Matai depot as an apprentice and later became a technical clerk at the Turkistan-Siberian railway.

In 1938, Kalashnikov was called for military service, served in Kiev's special military district and graduated from tank driver's school. During his service, Kalashnikov established him self as inventor. He devised an inertia revolution in counting and registering the number of actual shots from a tank gun, made a special appliance for the TT pistol to enhance fire effectiveness through the tank turret slits and designed a tank running time meter.

In June of 1941, Kalashnikov, as an inventor, was sent by Army Commander General Zhukov to Leningrad to work on implementation of his recent invention. From the outset of the World War II Senior Sergeant Kalashnikov fought against fascist invaders as a tank commander. In October of 1941 he was seriously wounded in the violent battle for Bryansk. While in a hospital, Kalashnikov conceived the idea of a submachine gun. Later, while on a six-month sick leave, and with help of Matai depot craftsmen he implemented his invention and fabricated the first submachine gun and left for Aviation Institute in Alma-Ata. A second model of Kalashnikov's submachine gun was devised and manufactured in the shops of the Aviation Institute.

In June of 1942 the machine gun model was sent for evaluation to the Dzerzhinsky Academy in Samarkand, where an outstanding small arms specialist Blagonravov, expressed interest in sergeant Kalashnikov's submachine gun invention. This submachine gun was recommended for use in Army. Originality of design, the talent and efforts of the self-taught designer were highly appreciated. In 1942 Kalashnikov was assigned to the Central Research Directorate of the Small Range Arms of the Russian Army.

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