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The coat of arms

The coat of arms of the Russian Federation derives from the Russian Empire emblem dating back to the reign of Ivan III (1462-1505). The shape of the eagle can be traced back to the reign of Peter the Great (1682-1725), although the eagle in the modern arms is gold instead of the imperial black. The two main elements of Russian state symbols are: the two-headed eagle and the horse mounted night - Saint Goergiy Victorious striking a serpent or dragon. The figure was not officially identified as Saint George until 1730, when it was described as such in an Imperial decree. The earliest graphic representation of a rider with a spear, in 1390, is in a seal of the prince of Moscow, Vasiliy Dmitriyevich. The serpent or dragon was added under Ivan III. Saint George henceforth became the patron of Moscow and, later, of Russia. The double-headed eagle was the official state symbol of the late Byzantine Empire, spanning both East and West. Amongst other aspects, it symbolized the unity of Church and State. After the Fall of Constantinople in 1453, Ivan III and his heirs considered Moscovy to be the last stronghold of the true orthodox Christian faith, and in effect, the last Roman Empire. From 1497, the double-headed eagle proclaimed a Russian sovereignty equal to that of the Holy Roman Empire. Crafted by our master craftsmen coat of arms honorably decorates interior of "Bort 1" -state aircraft of President of Russian Federation.
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The coat of arms

P/N: Suv-73(1)
The coat of arms of the Russian Federation derives from the Russian Empire emblem dating back to the reign of Ivan III (1462-1505)

Letter Opener

P/N: Nk-04(1)-R
Letter Opener. Malachite, 24K gold plating, nickel plating, blackening, hand carving.

Navy Dirk

P/N: Km-142(1)-R
Navy Dirk. Double-edged steel blade has rhombic cross-section and decorated with the image of sailboat, monogram "N.N." and national ornament.

Hand Crafted Admiral\'s Dirk

P/N: Km-208(3)-R
Hand Crafted Admiral's Dirk. Double-Sided Diamond-Shaped blade of steel decorated with 24k Gold Plating, Nickel Plating, Blackening and Hand Crafted Engraving.

Hand Crafted Dirk

P/N: AK-74-B(11)
The double-edged steel blade features 12 cm of etching, gilding and blackening. It has short filler bearing Mikhail Kalashnikov's signature against a blued background.